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Help Montana’s primary focus is helping local service-industry businesses and their employees weather the economic impacts of COVID-19.  As of writing this (3/25/20), the service industry across our country has lost more than 3 Million jobs and over $25 Billion in sales, since March 1st, 2020.  Our community and every community across Montana has been deeply impacted. The dramatic loss of revenue and jobs in our communities will have an economic ripple effect across every sector and household.  HelpMontana.org is a community driven response to help flip the cash-flow model for these businesses; it gives the community a way to support from home and continue to benefit from the valuable products & services of our local businesses.

HelpMontana is free to all participants and is an option to help with near term cash flow.  It may not pay all the bills, but it may be the difference between being able to make payroll, fill the gas tank, make rent, etc.

Originally, three small business friends banded together to create HelpMontana.org. However it quickly became a community effort when the true magnitude of the situation came to light. From designers to coders, lawyers to small business owners, people of all walks helped pitch in to make this site and concept come to life. 

As we all know, it takes a village...so special thanks to those that helped us bring this to life, in one way or another: Maggie R, Craig R, Emily K, Ellie V, Holly F, Zan M, Ben F, Eric L, Caleb W, Blane W, Chris N, Brit F, Joe D, Chris L, Beau & Katy, Mike B, the Team at The Wrap Agency, PintPass, and Clean Slate Group. Legal guidance on this effort provided by Worden Thane, PC

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Want to get your business or employees involved? Think your community could benefit from getting involved? Send us a message and we will get touch with you as soon as we can.